Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi Phi consists of several islands out of which the largest, Phi Phi Don, is the only populated and where accommodation is situated. The islands offer magnificent paradise-like beaches, parties lasting until the morning, and stunning underwater scenery begging to be explored. We highly recommend snorkeling and diving trips when visiting the Phi Phi Islands.

The movie “The Beach” and the movie’s famous cove, Maya Bay, is located at the Koh Phi Phi Leh Island, which is easily accessible by a long tail boat. This is probably one of the most popular attractions, and for a good reason, as the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Visiting Phi Phi islands is not recommended as a day trip, as all the best sights and experiences would be missed due to a busy schedule. We recommend staying for at least one night so you can truly enjoy your stay and have time to experience the best sights.

Exploring the Phi Phi Islands and all the excursions there are planned especially for you.
Unfortunately, we do not offer package tours at the Phi Phi Islands.


Duration: Full Day

Group Size: 1-8 Persons

Contact us, we will plan the most suitable option for you.

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