Khao Sok and Cheowan Lake

This excursion can be done in one day or during several days.

Khao Sok is one of Thailand’s most beautiful natural park and a very popular attraction. The park area is also home to Cheowan Lake, which displays a breathtaking scenery. The clear water, limestone rocks, and biodiversity makes many just smile to their ears by admiring the surrounding nature.

During the day trip, we explore both Khao Sok Park and Cheowan Lake. We will hike through the jungle paths and say hello to elephants. In addition, we will canoe around the lake, or alternatively swim with bamboo rafts.

If you have the opportunity to stay for a couple of days, we highly recommend the following: overnight stay at the waterfront bungalows on the lake, which is a wonderful experience. If you’re lucky and the sky is clear, you will see thousands of stars, and hear the whispers of the jungle, something you certainly won’t experience at home.

This excursion’s program is tailored to your needs, with many options to choose from


Duration: Full Day

Group Size: 1-8 Persons

Contact us, we will plan the most suitable option for you.

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