A Day in Khao Lak

During this day excursion, we will explore the most popular attractions in Khao Lak. We will pay tribute to the Tsunami Memorial Monument, and visit the glittering White Sands Beach. We will then visit the waterfalls and Khao Lak View Point, where you can enjoy the panoramic views and incredible scenery.

We will also explore the local market where shopping is voluntary.
If you want to experience the best of Khao Lak in peace, we recommend staying overnight. On the second day, we recommend visiting one of Thailand’s most beautiful natural parks, Khao Sok. More information on Khao Sok can be found here: Khao Sok and Cheowan Lake

Please note that a day tour in Khao Lak can be organized from Phuket and Krabi.


Duration: Hafl / Full Day

Group Size: 1-8 Persons

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