About Us

South Thailand Tours is a small and happy group; Pentti, William, and Bee along with our valuable and experienced staff. 😊

We don’t want to be the largest and fanciest travel agency offering mass tours, attractions, and dozens of events.

We want to be the travel agency that comes to mind through your fun and memorable experiences. Our mission is to provide services on a more personal level; excursions, tours, and other activities are organized in small groups, and our transport services, for example, are exclusively private. Due to our tailored services, our tours and programs are flexible in changes when it comes to schedules and program contents. We welcome you to enjoy the sunny Thailand with us!


Thailand had me at hello – I immediately fell in love with this country.
The kindness of people, the nature, the sun and the warm climate, and the food… My heart was stolen. On that first trip I also met William, who over the years became a very good friend of mine. After my first trip I have been traveling all over and around in Thailand multiple times for several years. For years I had dreamed that one day I would like to live abroad, but always something came up and the dream lived on.

Well, from that dream I have taken a step forward; I moved to Thailand and I’m currently living in Khao Lak and Phuket from time to time. I’m one of the founders in South Thailand Tours, working as your personal guide, and taking care of all of your needs with William.
I’m a native Finn and fluent with English, and I like to think that I know a lot of other languages like Thai. 😊
If you are on a trip with me, don’t wonder why I smile so much – that’s just me. 😊


Born and raised in Thailand, original from Kon Thai, and one of the founders of South Thailand Tours. After finishing my studies, I Lived in Bangkok for many years. While living there, I used to drive taxi and work as a tourist guide, same as I am doing now.😊 I found my dream job, moved to Phuket, and met there my beautiful and loving wife Bee, who also is working in STT. After several years of living in Phuket I moved to Khao Lak, where I now have lived for nearly 10 years. I can assure you there is no place in Thailand I haven’t been, and no place that I could not take you to.

Partially, because of my crazy Finnish friend Pena aka “Mr. Tingtong”, together we established a new travel company, and now I am a proud owner and member of South Thailand Tours. Nothing has changed though, I still work with a big smile on my face, tell stupid jokes, and will do so most likely for the rest of my life. 😊


Hello! My name is “Bee”, but have no fear – I will not sting like one.😊
After meeting my husband William, I also started working occasionally in the hospitality industry.
I have worked along with my husband William for many years, which have included numerous of tours. My super power (after my friendly and lovable personality) is my cooking skills: I’ll make the best Thai food you’ve ever tasted.

I’m also a proud owner and a worker in South Thailand Tours. I do tours and excursions, and help out Pentti and William with our customers. If you book our famous Thai cooking lesson, I will definitely be there with you!😊

Contact us

In order for best respond to your inquiry and your needs, please provide us as much information as you possibly can, for example:

  • What program / excursion / service you are interested in.
  • How many people, adults and children.
  • Schedule requests and date.
  • Other special concerns or needs, such as illness / disability, allergies, etc.