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Welcome to South Thailand Tours.

This is your first step towards a successful and memorable vacation in Thailand.

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Thailand not only offers sunshine and warm weather, but also a lot to see and to do. The nature and local culture alone are a great experience, and we want you to experience all the adventures Thailand has to offer.

Our services include private and smaller group tours organized in Finnish and in English. We also provide private shuttle and taxi services, production and organization of various activities. Upon request, we provide a personal guide service throughout your stay.

Without further ado, check out our services and contact us. Let’s make your holiday a memorable one.



Transport Services

A safe partner on your journey

It is our priority that you enjoy your holiday, but your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our trips and programs are always insured against accidents, and we always try to take your safety into consideration when planning or offering different options.

Experience and professionalism

We have over 10 years of experience in planning tours, trips, and other travel services. Thanks to our vast experience and extensive network of service providers, we can design and execute very personalized travel and vacation plans. Our core business and services are based in Southern Thailand, but we are also able to arrange tours, trips, and activities in other parts of Thailand, such as Bangkok.

Contact us

In order for best respond to your inquiry and your needs, please provide us as much information as you possibly can, for example:

  • What program / excursion / service you are interested in.
  • How many people, adults and children.
  • Schedule requests and date.
  • Other special concerns or needs, such as illness / disability, allergies, etc.